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Study Centres

The prestigious Nalanda Open University has over 113 courses provided for students all over the country with over 260 study centres facilitating easy access to the university as well as students.

Our courses are inclusive of degree and diploma courses in – not just in the regular subject areas – there will be courses in subjects and subject combinations that are exclusive to Nalanda Open University. The courses range from under graduation and certificate courses to post graduation courses which awarding the student with new skills and earning the prestigious degree.

Our study centres, 262 to be exact with an increasing number of affiliations, are established to enable the students to easily enrols with the university. The study centres do not disrupt the centralized control of the university but offers the delegated authority contributing greatly to the smooth functioning of the university as the the study centres will be inclusive of all the courses offered by Nalanda Open University.

Listed below are the Study Centres affiliated to the Nalanda Open University.

List of Study Centre

Sr. No. Study Centre Centre Code City State View Details
1 Nalanda Open University SC-1 Patna Bihar
2 Araria College, Araria SC-2 Araria Bihar
3 Forbisganj College, Forbesganj SC-3 Forbesganj Bihar
4 S.D.S College, Kaler (Arwal) SC-4 Arwal Bihar
5 S.S College, Aurangabad SC-5 Aurangabad Bihar
6 P.B.S College, Banka SC-6 Banka Bihar
7 Co-Operaive College, Begusarai SC-7 Begusarai Bihar
8 S.B.P College, Bhabhua SC-8 Kaimur (Bhabua) Bihar
9 Murarka College Sultanganj, Bhagalpur SC-9 Bhagalpur Bihar
10 S.S.V College, Kahalgaon SC-10 Bhagalpur Bihar
11 T.N.B College, Bhagalpur SC-11 Bhagalpur Bihar
12 M.M Mahila College, Ara SC-12 Bhojpur Bihar
13 Maharaja College, Ara SC-13 Bhojpur Bihar
14 Bokaro Steel City College, Bokaro SC-14 Bokaro Jharkhand
15 D.K College, Dumraon SC-15 Buxar Bihar
16 M.V College, Buxar SC-16 Buxar Bihar
17 Jagdam College, Chapra SC-17 Saran Bihar
18 M.A.R Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, Darbhanga SC-18 Darbhanga Bihar
19 M.K College, Laherisarai, Darbhanga SC-19 Darbhanga Bihar
20 Deoghar College, Deoghar SC-20 Deoghar Jharkhand
21 P.K Rai Memorial College, Dhanbad SC-21 Dhanbad Jharkhand
22 A.M College, Gaya SC-22 Gaya Bihar
23 Jagjiwan College, Gaya SC-23 Gaya Bihar
24 Gopalganj College, Gopalganj SC-24 Gopalganj Bihar
25 Markham College, Hazaribagh SC-25 Hazaribagh Jharkhand
26 K.K.M College, Jamui SC-26 Jamui Bihar
27 A.B.M College, Jamshedpur SC-27 Jamshedpur Jharkhand
28 S.S College, Jehanabad SC-28 Jehanabad Bihar
29 K.B Jha College, Katihar SC-29 Katihar Bihar
30 M.J.M College, Katihar SC-30 Katihar Bihar
31 Mahila College, Khagaria SC-31 Khagaria Bihar
32 Marwari College, Kishanganj SC-32 Kishanganj Bihar
33 J.J College Jhumari Tilaiya, Koderma SC-33 Koderma Jharkhand
34 K.S.S College, Lakhisarai SC-34 Lakhisarai Bihar
35 Parvati Vigyan College, Madhepura SC-35 Madhepura Bihar
36 JMDPL College, Madhubani SC-36 Madhubani Bihar
37 MLS College Sarisabpahi, Madhubani SC-37 Madhubani Bihar
38 R.K College, Madhubani SC-38 Madhubani Bihar
39 M.S College, Motihari SC-39 E. Chamaparan Bihar
40 B.R.M College, Munger SC-40 Munger Bihar
41 Balmiki Rajniti Mahila College, Munger SC-41 Munger Bihar
42 R.D & D.J College, Munger SC-42 Munger Bihar
43 R.M Lohia College, Muzaffarpur SC-43 Muzaffarpur Bihar
44 Nalanda College, Biharsharif SC-44 Biharsharif Bihar
45 Nalanda Mahila College, Biharsharif SC-45 Biharsharif Bihar
46 T.S College, Hisua, Nawada SC-46 Nawada Bihar
47 KKM College, Pakur SC-47 Pakur Jharkhand
48 A.N.College, Patna SC-48 Patna Bihar
49 A.N.S College, Barh SC-49 Patna Bihar
50 Ganga Devi Mahila College, Patna SC-50 Patna Bihar
51 J.D Women's College, Patna SC-51 Patna Bihar
52 Mahila College, Khagaul SC-52 Patna Bihar
53 R.P Mahila College, Patna City SC-53 Patna Bihar
54 M.L Arya College, Kasba, Purnea SC-54 Purnea Bihar
55 Ranchi College, Ranchi SC-55 Ranchi Jharkhand
56 A.S College, Bikramganj, Rohtas SC-56 Rohtas Bihar
57 S.S College, Sasaram SC-57 Sasaram Bihar
58 MLT College, Saharsa SC-58 Saharsa Bihar
59 R.B College, Samastipur SC-59 Samastipur Bihar
60 R.N.A.R College, Samastipur SC-60 Samastipur Bihar
61 Uma Pandey College Pusa, Samastipur SC-61 Samastipur Bihar
62 R.D College, Sheikhpura SC-62 Sheikhpura Bihar
63 D.A.V College, Siwan SC-63 Siwan Bihar
64 B.S.S College, Supaul SC-64 Supaul Bihar
65 H.P.S College, Nirmali SC-65 Supaul Bihar
66 Vaishali Mahila College, Vaishali SC-66 Vaishali Bihar
67 M.J.K College, Bettiah SC-67 E. Chamaparan Bihar
68 K.N Inter College Kursakanta, Araria SC-68 Araria Bihar
69 Maharshi Menhi Project Girls High School, Pahunsi, Araria SC-69 Araria Bihar
70 PRO Girls High School, Araria SC-70 Araria Bihar
71 Adarsh Uchch Vidya Mandir, Baghoi, Aurangabad SC-71 Aurangabad Bihar
72 High School Pathrour Deohara, Aurangabad SC-72 Aurangabad Bihar
73 +2 High School Baladeo Ithari, Fullidumar, Banka SC-73 Banka Bihar
74 A.S.S Project Girls High School Kharahara, Banka SC-74 Banka Bihar
75 Chandeshwari Singh Inter College, Belhar, Banka SC-75 Banka Bihar
76 High School, Khesar, Banka SC-76 Banka Bihar
77 Lakhi Pd. Khetan College Barahar, Banka SC-77 Banka Bihar
78 Project Girls High School Chandan, Banka SC-78 Banka Bihar
79 K.S. +2 Higher Secondary School Shamho, Begusarai SC-79 Begusarai Bihar
80 M.B.H.D. Inter College, Rampur Bakhri, Begusarai SC-80 Begusarai Bihar
81 N.N Sinha High School, Begusarai SC-81 Begusarai Bihar
82 R.C.S College Manjhaul, Begusarai SC-82 Begusarai Bihar
83 R.D.P Girls High School, Manjhaul, Begusarai SC-83 Begusarai Bihar
84 S.S.S.M. Ch. College, Dhahaya, Begusarai SC-84 Begusarai Bihar
85 +2 high School, Karnpura, Kaimur (Bhabua) SC-85 Kaimur (Bhabua) Bihar
86 High School Bhagwanpur, Kaimur (Bhabua) SC-86 Kaimur (Bhabua) Bihar
87 Ramgarh Gram Bharti College, Bhabua, Kaimur SC-87 Kaimur (Bhabua) Bihar
88 S.S High School, Adhaura, Kaimur (Bhabua) SC-88 Kaimur (Bhabua) Bihar
89 Inter School, Kharik, Bhagalpur SC-89 Bhagalpur Bihar
90 Madhusudan Sarvoday High School Bihpur, Bhagalpur SC-90 Bhagalpur Bihar
91 Project Inter School, Shahkund, Bhagalpur SC-91 Bhagalpur Bihar
92 Urdu Girls High School, Bhagalpur SC-92 Bhagalpur Bihar
93 Dilip Narayan +2 High School, Kahathu Masurhi, Bhojpur SC-93 Bhojpur Bihar
94 Harbansh High School, Bhojpur SC-94 Bhojpur Bihar
95 Harinaryan +2 High School Shahpur Patti, Bhojpur SC-95 Bhojpur Bihar
96 Swami Shri Suryanath +2 High School, Saraiya, Bhojpur SC-96 Bhojpur Bihar
97 Adarsh High School, Chausa, Buxar SC-97 Buxar Bihar
98 High School Nawanagar, Buxar SC-98 Buxar Bihar
99 High School Sikraul, Jalilpur, Buxar SC-99 Buxar Bihar
100 Gena Lal Jai Lal Sahu High School, Darbhanga SC-100 Darbhanga Bihar
101 L.M High School, Darbhanga SC-101 Darbhanga Bihar
102 Nand Kishor High School, Satighat, Darbhanga SC-102 Darbhanga Bihar
103 Rajkiyakrit Basudeo Mishra High School Simari, Darbhanga SC-103 Darbhanga Bihar
104 Banshi Dhar High School, E. Chamaparan SC-104 E. Chamaparan Bihar
105 D.P.T.S Inter College Kanji Nagar, E. Champaran SC-105 E. Chamaparan Bihar
106 Damri Asarfi High School, Sangrampur, E. Champaran SC-106 E. Chamaparan Bihar
107 Govt. High School, Noneya, E. Champaran SC-107 E. Chamaparan Bihar
108 Haji Farzand High School, Phenhara, E. Chamaparan SC-108 E. Chamaparan Bihar
109 Mahadev Sah High School Chiraiya Kothi, E. Champaran SC-109 E. Chamaparan Bihar
110 Nand High School, E. Champaran SC-110 E. Chamaparan Bihar
111 Prajapati High School, E. Chamaparan SC-111 E. Chamaparan Bihar
112 Raj Kumari Devi Project Girls High School, E. Champaran SC-112 E. Chamaparan Bihar
113 Sheodhar Anutha High School, E. Champaran SC-113 E. Chamaparan Bihar
114 Sri Ganesh Mahavir High School Ramgarhwa, E. Champaran SC-114 E. Chamaparan Bihar
115 Sri Shalik High School, E. Champaran SC-115 E. Chamaparan Bihar
116 Sri Shyam Sundar Pathak High School, E. Chamaparan SC-116 E. Chamaparan Bihar
117 Tirhut Vidyalaya Mehsi, E. Champaran SC-117 E. Chamaparan Bihar
118 +2 High School, Amas, Gaya SC-118 Gaya Bihar
119 Janta High School, Gaya SC-119 Gaya Bihar
120 M.K.G High School, Sewtar, Muhra, Gaya SC-120 Gaya Bihar